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What happens to a woman if she takes testosterone?

The long-term impact of testosterone on women's health is still not clarified enough, so it's not easy to predict them exactly. Some common side-effects of high testosterone level are acne and ...
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Does frequent masturbation decrease testosterone levels in men?

No, masturbation does not decrease testosterone levels in the blood. Relevant studies cited in the linked article: Fox CA, Ismail AAA, Love DN, Kirkham KE, Loraine JA. Studies on the relationship ...
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Why does Finasteride effeminize men despite it increasing serum testosterone and inhibiting estrogen production?

Finasteride inhibits conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is also why it is used to prevent androgenic alopecia. DHT is considerably more potent than testosterone in the ...
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What are the benefits of high testosterone in men?

What are the benefits of high testosterone in men? what benefits does high testosterone actually entail? Mental health discussion would be interesting too, if there's any association ...
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Natural testosterone booster intakes?

Other than the post and the website you mentioned, here are a few more natural testosterone boosters, some of them being substances, and others being lifestyle changes or things-to-do: 1) In this ...
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Homeopathic remedy for low testosterone?

I really recommend you go to a medical doctor for these issues. I am all about evidence-based alternative medicine, but in general, Homeopathy has very poor evidence for being able to treat most ...
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Effect of turmeric/curcumin to block estrogen and hence reduce gynecomastia

The following comprehensive scientific sources do not even mention any relationship between turmeric/curcumin and gynecomastia: Turmeric, Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, komen.org Turmeric, ...
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Effect of turmeric/curcumin to block estrogen and hence reduce gynecomastia

There seems to be no clear and direct evidence for this. But a few angles might be worth exploring: Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations found curcumin to be a stable inhibitor of aromatase (Singh et ...
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High pitch voices(female screams) hurt testicles

Interesting question. It sounds like testicular pain like that could be due to contraction of the cremaster muscle, which essentially controls testicle height. Its main role is to help regulate ...
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Why do testosterone / anabolic steroid injection increase the risk of tendon rupture?

I found a 2017 article pointing specifically to a case of AAS usage associated with a Bilateral Patellar Tendon Rupture, which mentions: we suppose that combined AAS and exercise can increase ...
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Is there a direct correlation between high testosterone level and weak immune system?

According to this 2016 Nature Review article (which cites the article from your link): Androgens have been show to reduce immune response in a variety of studies. For example: In vivo exposure to ...
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