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How effective is diacutaneous fibrolysis to treat an epicondylopathy?

As effective as sham. This one is a more clear "no" though it has been used often. The most relevant and thorough review was done by a Canadian group looking at a wide array of data. If you ...
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Does cannabidiol (CBD) help prevent or heal a tendinopathy?

A quick look through the medical literature leads me to the conclusion that there is no evidence that CBD promotes healing of tendinopathy. The anti-arthritic effect in your referenced paper is based ...
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What is this study on the efficacy of tenocyte therapy?

There's no way to be sure from such scant information, but it would quite possibly be this one: Autologous Tenocyte Implantation in Patients With Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy (ATI)
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Does astaxanthin help prevent or heal a tendinopathy?

Source 3 is a book sponsered by Cyanotech Corporation claiming beneficial effects for the human health using Astaxanthin. The author is employee of Cyanotech Corporation. There is a small chapter ...
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How important is the experience of the radiologist to diagnose a tendinopathy when reading an MRI?

Have a look at this publication of Sein et al., 'Reliability of MRI assessment of supraspinatus tendinopathy.' (PMID 17289860) Sein ML et al. Reliability of MRI assessment of supraspinatus ...
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Why does tendon overuse sometimes evolve into a tendinitis and sometimes evolve into a tendinosis?

Here's my (non professional take), from reading and listening to Jill Cook and Steven Low: TL;DR: Tendonitis/tendinosis are obsolete terms. If someone uses them, they are probably 10 or more years ...
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Why does smoking increase the risk of developing medial epicondylitis?

Not too many studies showed any correlation between smoking and risk of epicondylitis but only one study mentioned it. They say: Smoking may interfere with the circulation to tendons, which not ...
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Can an individual further aggravate a full tear of the gluteus minimus tendon (trochanter insertion)?

A torn muscle will not stagnate: it will attempt to heal itself, although this process can result in poor outcomes if the native structure isn’t well-aligned during healing (e.g. when surgical repair ...
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What is the difference between "mild degeneration of the muscular attachment of the gluteus medius" and "mild tendinosis of the left gluteus medius"?

The statement the question refers to may possibly denote two different conditions at two different sites, and, for instance, translate to: There are tiny calcium deposits where gluteus attaches to ...
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Do nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) decrease or increase swelling during the acute phase of a tendon injury?

A big difference here is due to the structures involved. Mature tendons are composed of cartilage and contain a very poor blood supply. They rely on localized synovial fluid for tissue perfusion and ...
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What are the long-term side effects of glyceryl trinitrate patches used to treat a tendinopathy?

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a systematic review of this in 2018. Here are excerpts from their conclusion: The results of this review provide good evidence for the effectiveness ...
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Why do testosterone / anabolic steroid injection increase the risk of tendon rupture?

I found a 2017 article pointing specifically to a case of AAS usage associated with a Bilateral Patellar Tendon Rupture, which mentions: we suppose that combined AAS and exercise can increase ...
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Do non-insertional tendinopathies tend to be more often caused by cumulative microtrauma compared to insertional tendinopathies?

Tendinopathy is a type of tendon disorder: Traditionally, tendons have been considered to be a mechanism by which muscles connect to bone as well as muscles itself, functioning to transmit forces. ...
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What is the lifetime incidence for tendinopathy for regular humans?

My estimate is ~25% of lifetime incidence for tendinopathy in the general population based on the following 2 studies. The lifetime incidence for Achilles tendinopathy in 6% in the general population ...
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Does chronic caffeine use increase or decrease blood flow to connective tissue?

With regard to underlying biological mechanisms, most research has been devoted to BP-raising effects of caffeine. However, there are many other substances in coffee, such as polyphenols, soluble ...
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Are collagen supplements of any use to help prevent or treat a tendinopathy?

Easy answer is simply "we don't know". The burden of proof is on the manufacturer, who probably will never spend the millions to know. But since it is a nutritional agent, one does not have to ...
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Does cissus quadrangularis help prevent or heal a tendinopathy?

Moshiri et al (2017) talks of Cissus quadrangularis with osteoporosis and mentions Cissus quadrangularis in relation to Osteobolin-C. Osteobolin-C is claimed to aid in the repair of joint, muscle, ...
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Does cissus quadrangularis help prevent or heal a tendinopathy?

I performed a search of PubMed and found no studies for "cissus quadrangularis" and "tendinopathy". Looks like at this point there is no scientific evidence one way or another.
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Is exceeding the recommended time for ice application detrimental (delay healing) for soft tissue injuries?

Of course. Icing helps by numbing the pain sensation, thereby providing relief. If iced continuously it would lead to tissue damage with exact same effect of exposing your skin to below freezing temps....
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What clinical studies demonstrated that CelGro improves tissue in-growth and repair for the rotator cuff tendon injuries?

Try this: "Evidence of healing of partial-thickness rotator cuff tears following arthroscopic augmentation with a collagen implant: a 2-year MRI follow-up" Source -
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What is the role of surgery when treating an overuse tendinitis?

Depending on your age, clinical treatment with rest, physiotherapy, NSAID, epicondylitis, both lateral and medial, may take one to several months to resolve. Surgery is a last resort and should be ...
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Why does the use of quinolones increase the risk of tendinopathies?

"FQs have chelating properties against several metal ions (e.g., calcium, magnesium, aluminum), and have been known to cause direct toxicity to type 1 collagen synthesis and promote collagen ...
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What nutrients are worth taking for a tendinosis?

There's a paucity of experimental human data on this topic. Rodent studies such as this one show that glucosamine might improve healing and strength of ...
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How to know whether an inflammation is present in a tendinopathy?

You can use an ultrasound probe with power doppler to look at blood flow to see if there is increased blood flow present that would be compatible with an inflammatory process. And, neovascularization ...
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Cold spray vs cold gel vs ice pack vs ice bath for tendinopathy

Please refer to this question for a discussion of the benefits of icing. (It is essentially of unproven benefit.) There is another more effective therapy for tendinitis: stretching. I have ...
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