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Why is one only allowed to drink water from four hours in advance of an echo (ultrasonography)?

There are two major issues with eating. Swallowing and digesting food allows air to get into the digestive tract. Air is a barrier to the ultrasound waves so renders tissues distal to the air ...
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Is it possible to meassure anxiety/stress via data collected from smart watches for a whole region?

Tiwari et al, 2019 found poor sensitivity and specificity for detecting stress using multiple features from a fitness watch: sensitivity 0.53, specificity 0.56, and similarly poor for anxiety: ...
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Technology prospects for genome sequencing at home and data protection

I am working in the information security industry and personally following medical technology closely. Your first question kind of asks to predict the future, which nobody can. Yet, I will give you my ...
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What are clinically advised methods to improve nocturnal respiration other than CPAP?

Breathing difficulties during sleep determined to be caused by the narrowing or closing of their airway Breathing difficulties during sleep indicates suffering of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). ...
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What VR app that cure myopia?

There isn't an app that 'cures' myopia There is at least one 'eye training' VR app for things like amblyopia (which I make no claim about the benefits or drawbacks of); and reports from 2015 of a ...
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Technology prospects for genome sequencing at home and data protection

The first question relates to the retail price floor of genome sequencing hardware. As with any commercial product, price depends on demand. I don't envision much demand for home genome sequencing, ...
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Is Low Blue Light helpful for preserving eyesight?

I don't have any information about whether the Benq monitor in particular will effectively reduce blue light. But to your question... "Is it helpful?" This article is fairly well referenced,...
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