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What exactly are the health risks of using public swimming pools?

"Surely there are more risks" well, you could drown. You could be assaulted or filmed in the change room. You could get dry skin from exposure to the water or the compounds in it - when I swam daily ...
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Are all Infants' Aquatic Instincts lost after 7ish months? Can they be maintained if skills are utilized often?

Introduction First of all, the study should not be trusted too much. Thirty six test subjects does not seem very much to me in order to make such a claim. However, &AtlLED's opinion in the ...
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Is it possible to fall asleep while swimming?

In USMC basic training we had to learn the so-called T-Float. It's a survival float where you just hang in the water with your body limp, then every 10 seconds or so you bring your hands up towards ...
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Is it possible to immunize against bacteria?

It is not generally recommended, but any individual person should speak to their doctor for individualized advice prior to traveling to areas with potential for concerning exposures. There are many ...
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Is it safe to swim during the healing period of a nipple piercing?

Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician: Using the Evidence According to this link 6 to 12 months healing are for a nipple piercing, but some can take as long as 18 months. Definitely avoid it. ...
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