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Scrotal swelling affecting a child

This is not the right place to ask that question, you/your sister need to talk with the medical professional who evaluated and diagnosed him. In the USA, whoever proposes to do surgery has a legal ...
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Root canal therapy for diabetes patient?

Is there any risk for a diabetes patient to undergo this procedure? Yes, root canals carry some risks for everyone, and the degree of risk depends on your health status. Surgical risks for diabetics ...
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Do nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) decrease or increase swelling during the acute phase of a tendon injury?

A big difference here is due to the structures involved. Mature tendons are composed of cartilage and contain a very poor blood supply. They rely on localized synovial fluid for tissue perfusion and ...
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Suffering from Gout problem need help?

You need to have some synovial fluid drawn from the joint and examined for Crystals. If none are present the condition is not gout. Other possible causes of symptoms are psoriatic arthritis ...
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