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Can the blood accumulated after stroke be cured?

First of all, I am going to stay quite “general” as I understand you are not from the field. The aim of my post is really to provide some clarifications to your question. There are two types of ...
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Does the administration of oxygen to ischaemic patients improve outcome?

A large study of ~8000 patients suggests there is no real benefit to prophylactic oxygen supplementation after acute stroke (Roffe et al., 2017). American Heart Association/American Stroke ...
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Who should take statins for prevention of heart disease and stroke?

I can offer a UK perspective on this, using guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE): Cardiovascular disease: risk assessment and reduction, including lipid ...
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Does a unilateral total obstruction of the carotid artery cause brain damage?

Unilateral carotid compression (Carotid Compression Test) is an important procedure before performing vascular surgery for either of the carotid arteries, because during the surgery, they need to be ...
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Why does stroke cause insomnia?

Sometimes, stroke may be associated with insomnia, not because of the brain tissue damage, but because of how it affects someone's life. Insomnia is a likely long-term side effect of stroke, study ...
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What are normal structures that could be misinterpreted as lacunar strokes on T1 or T2 brain MRI?

So far I have found Dilated Virchow-Robin (VR) Spaces (a.k.a dilated perivascular spaces) which are not necessarily malign and have pretty much the exact aspect on T1 and T2. Ref: https://pubs.rsna....
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Dataset for Tele-medicine Vital Signs

In a typical ambulance operating at the paramedic level in the US, the following vital signs might be recorded: Heart rate Respiratory rate BP SpO2 GCS EtCO2 Pupil size The last two would be ...
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Why would one Carotid Artery be blocked but not the other

The amount of blockage depends on factors that are somewhat random as they depend on many things that can sometimes be more in one artery and less in the other. WebMD - Clogged Arteries Plaque ...
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Is there a way to stimulate taste buds after stroke?

According to this case report, Testing should be considered if the patient is not meeting goals of rehabilitation, because altered taste perception may lead to depression, weight loss, and ...
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Meaning of "There was no assessment of the types or effectiveness of risk factor controls over time in reducing stroke odds"

Full Background The full-text of the study that Dr. Goldstein discusses is available online at: Chen MH, Tsai SJ, Su TP, Li CT, Lin WC, ...
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What is the difference between lipohyalinosis and microatheroma?

As the name suggests, a microatheroma is a small atheroma. An artheroma is what's commonly known as a plaque. It's a mass on the interior wall of arteries: https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary....
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Why is carotid endarterectomy not beneficial for symptomatic 100% internal carotid stenosis?

I think this is probably due to selection bias, but I cannot find a source from someone in the field to reference. Instead, to support this conclusion, note that in the review you reference, the ...
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