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What stretches are worth doing for a healthy 30-year-old male to prevent tendon injuries?

If the purpose is to prevent tendon injuries, then stretching is not really an effective solution. This article took a look at nearly 2000 articles in Embase and PubMed, and distilled down to 10 ...
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Isometric contraction in PNF

TL; DR: It reduces the inhibitions of the muscle that produce the resistance to the stretch, allowing a further range of motion (ROM) than previously. So it doesn't really stretch the muscle, it ...
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What type of exercises should a person do if he/she is suffering from osteoporosis?

Source Osteoporosis exercises are encouraged for a number of reasons. First and foremost exercise is good in a general sense, but building muscle strength can be really beneficial to people who may ...
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Sharp sudden pain in torso?

Check with doctor first. 1 - i think you have spin or disk hernia near L5-S1 or so 2 - is your posture poor or stable? 3 - if you sneeze (simulate real sneeze) does the pain triggers? Drink lot of ...
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