You're right: their description contains redundancy. I think the reason for the extra clarification may be to make sure readers understand that the method does not involve X-rays (which are ionising, and hence more dangerous). I've seen people confuse them with ultrasound, because both methods are used for seeing through tissue, their results look similar ...


There are a number of issues wrapped up in this question. The first, which deteriorates faster treble or bass, is that Presbycusis, age related hearing loss, is a high frequency (i.e., treble) phenomenon. While hearing loss can occur due to damage of the tympanic membrane (i.e., ear drum), this is a conductive hearing loss that can be generally be well ...


Precisely to emphasize the safety of ultrasound and to point out that you or your fetus will not be subjected to any sort of radiation as it may be the case in some of the other popular imaging methods besides ultrasound.

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