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What causes smelly feet?

This is an interesting question. You are certainly not an isolated case. The "origin" of foot odor has been examined in many studies. This study conducted by Marshall et al focused on the microflora ...
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Can a headache be caused solely by a smell?

Certainly, headaches can be caused by a variety of smells, perfumes, paints, gasoline, bleach and yes, air fresheners. A study in 200 migraine patients showed perfumes were the first most common ...
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Is the ability to smell a VOC a good measure for whether a respirator is effective or not?

We breath in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) without realizing it all the time. Not all of them are equally harmful, and many are downright wonderful to the psyche. My favorite gardening chore is ...
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How accurate are dogs to detect whether a human has COVID-19?

I wouldn't be surprised if dogs could detect COVID-19, as they can help detect hypoglycaemia in diabetics, warn people who are about to have an epileptic seizure and have been used to sniff out some ...
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Did those who lose smell due to covid regain it after all?

According to the summary of one study: Of 2,581 COVID-19 patients studied, 95 percent of patients regained their sense of smell within six months, according to the study in the Journal of Internal ...
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Bad Breath Problem

The first question I would ask in response to your question on gum disease is "Have you spoken with your dentist about the health of your gums?" Looking at the NHS webpage on Halitosis, it sounds ...
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Healthy practices: Bad smell in water bottle

I agree with the answers on cleaning and the type of bottle/cork/lid. Another thing you should consider is that residue from your saliva may be what smells bad. Try leaving the freshly-cleaned ...
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Healthy practices: Bad smell in water bottle

Plastic bottles work just fine. When buying sparkling water (I'm German), they come in plastic bottles and never get this taste of old shoe soles, and I haven't had any problems with bacteria either. ...
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