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Does Benadryl (=diphenhydramine) lead to tolerance? Can I use it to help with sleep?

First generation H1-antihistamines (such as diphenhydramine = Benadryl) are well known for their sedative effects explaining their limited use in patients with allergic rhinitis. Several ...
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What type of food (herb, root) helps with sleep?

As an insomniac, I've looked into this myself, and found the following to be natural sleep-inducing foods (in no particular order): Cherries -- The tarter, the better. They have melatonin!! And they ...
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What evidence does magnesium, zinc & melatonin help you sleep?

Magnesium, zinc and melatonin help to manage and control the sleep problems. These three natural components have their own mechanisms in managing the sleep disorders. Firstly, talking about Melatonin: ...
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Is going to sleeping with socks beneficial or detrimental?

First, some anecdotal evidence: Whenever I slept in cold environments (cold room, camping), the feet were usually the first that got cold to the point I was not able to sleep. An obvious solution was ...
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Does sleep hypnosis actually work for insomniacs?

There are very few research data available on the efficacy of hypnosis in the treatment of sleep disorders. Most of the literature is limited to case reports or studies with such a small sample ...
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Sleeping 6 hours discontinuously every day

This is generally unhealthy, especially as sleep cannot be made up or paid back like financial debt. Try to get back to at least seven hours. As always, consult with a doctor. See: National Sleep ...
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How to get to sleep half-an-hour / an hour earlier than the day before?

Sleep Hygiene is the first line treatment for most insomnia. This is another good list from Harvard. Anecdotally, the principles of it that worked best for me were blackout curtains, removing ...
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Risk of legionella with CPAP humidifiers

Schnirman, et al. (2017) talks of such a risk. The mask, which touches the patient’s face, should be cleaned daily with distilled water. Rinsing the face mask or tubing with tap water, instead of ...
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Sleeping 6 hours discontinuously every day

The way you are sleeping is not necessarily unhealthy, but this is easily debatable and you should probably look at what social and lifestyle factors may be affecting your sleep duration and consider ...
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