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What's the best long-term sitting posture?

Short answer: there is no best long-term sitting posture. If there is any, take care of posture (I'd risk to say upright is best), and move every certain amount of time in the chair and/or around. I'...
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Are ergonomic office stools aka "sitting stools" (i.e. seating without back and armrests) really better for your back?

Not really, unless you only sit for short periods of time. During prolonged sitting, your posture will inevitably deteriorate, especially if you are focused on a task. In a sitting "stool", ...
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Does a standing desk prevent the health issues with sitting?

Per this NPR article in a meta-analysis it seems it's not yet clear: there isn't really any evidence that standing is better than sitting, Verbeek adds. And: Carr says the finding of the ...
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is there evidence that determines the appropriate amount of standing time in a day?

Aren't you in luck, I asked a very similar question over in physical fitness SE: Here is the top answer: A ...
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What's the best long-term sitting posture?

From my experience, it is better to change postures while you sit long. Most often, I sit in a posture similar to below yoga posture 'Padmasana' in my chair, but not for so long, just for 5 or 10 ...
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