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What is the correct brace position for car accidents?

There is no brace position because you will not have warning of a car crash. Think about it. If there was warning, why would there be a crash? The driver would use the warning to avoid the crash. ...
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What's the best long-term sitting posture?

Short answer: there is no best long-term sitting posture. If there is any, take care of posture (I'd risk to say upright is best), and move every certain amount of time in the chair and/or around. I'...
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Which type of chair is best to avoid back pain?

I can share my personal experience with you. I'm a 31 year old guy with a sedentary job where I need to spend hours on my computer. I developed lower back pain around 6-7 years ago and more recently ...
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Does a standing desk prevent the health issues with sitting?

Per this NPR article in a meta-analysis it seems it's not yet clear: there isn't really any evidence that standing is better than sitting, Verbeek adds. And: Carr says the finding of the ...
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is there evidence that determines the appropriate amount of standing time in a day?

Aren't you in luck, I asked a very similar question over in physical fitness SE: Here is the top answer: A ...
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What's the best long-term sitting posture?

From my experience, it is better to change postures while you sit long. Most often, I sit in a posture similar to below yoga posture 'Padmasana' in my chair, but not for so long, just for 5 or 10 ...
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