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what does this abnormality (arachnoid cyst) mean in a brain MRI?

First of all, your "main question" contains a lot of small other questions, which I think are difficult to answer as we are not your sister's neurologist (we haven't seen the MRI, we haven't examined ...
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Can wearing a mask when sick help fight off infection?

No, wearing a mask cannot help fight infection when sick. A sick person can wear a face mask when around others only to help prevent the spread of flu. Wearing a face mask limits the spread of tiny ...
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pouring honey in nose for sinus infections

Actually I claim being the first one - about 30 years ago when I was a teenager I had the idea to cure my sinus infection by honey. Tried once, had similar burning result as you did, and an allergic ...
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Can you relieve the symptoms of sinusitis by creating a negative pressure using your lungs?

In sinusitis, there may already be a negative pressure in the sinuses (nih.gov). One problem is that in sinusitis the openings that connect the nasal cavity and sinuses are usually clogged, so the ...
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Can nasal irrigation help for chronic sinusitis?

The American Rhinologic Society says: Nasal/Sinus Irrigation Conclusions: Recent research has confirmed that sinus and nasal irrigations with salt water are helpful. Multiple devices are available ...
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Possible mucus come out of eye when blow nose?

There are 4 sinuses : frontalis, ethmoid, maxillary, and sphenoid sinus. Frontal sinus, it excrete mucus into the meatus medius via a small opening called hiatus semilunaris anterior . Anterior and ...
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pouring honey in nose for sinus infections

For nasty sinus infections, which are generally bacterial, "fighting the bacteria with lots of sugar" seems like a very bad idea to me. Viral sinusitis generally resolves within a few days - it's ...
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