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How does our brain get its Mg when we don't take Mg threonate which is the only form known to increase its levels?

The article Magnesium transport across the blood-brain barriers (2011) from NIH.gov books says: Magnesium is able to cross the BBB [blood-brain barrier]... It is not the ScienceDirect article you ...
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How to improve your short term memory?

In short, to improve your ability to remember what you did yesterday or today just start by making a conscious effort to recall it on a daily basis. A simple example would to take some notes about ...
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How can I manage the symptom of forgetfulness in a patient with dementia?

You can use pictures of the patients family with captions saying who they are and their relationship to the individual. If they are still able (but forgetful) in the kitchen put pictures on the ...
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Brain performance suppliments

In addition to Narusan's comment on exercise, it's important to consider diet too. Sometimes a lack of concentration and mental alertness can result from lower-than-usual energy levels, which can in ...
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