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What is the name of the sense that keeps track of where your body parts are?

This so-called sixth sense is called kinesthesia or proprioception. There are some slight differences between the two, in that kinesthesia only refers to moving parts, whereas your proprioceptive ...
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How many senses do we have?

You can't really put a number on it. There are so many edge cases that what counts as "a sense" is really a matter of opinion. For example: do you count proprioception (feedback about the locations ...
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Is there evidence that women feel cold faster than men?

Feeling cold can vary on our perception, age, race and hormonal concentrations. This has been shown in Gend Med study from 2007: More women than men had sensitivity to cold. Whereas the percentage ...
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My son doesn't feel cold

Body temperature actually does not vary a lot between individuals contrary to Lakshmi's answer unless you have a fever. More information is needed to answer the question. Age, body weight / height and ...
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