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What steps can I take to prevent a seizure from occurring?

I have found following peer-reviewed paper which provides a review of the nonpharmaceutic conservative interventions for the prevention of seizures: Wolf P. The role of nonpharmaceutic conservative ...
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Is possible that pain will start epileptic seizure?

There are several parts in your question. Does pain trigger epileptic seizure? To answer this question, it is essential to understand what is an epilepsy. An epilepsy arises when the normal ...
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Are any drugs approved to deal with drug-induced myoclonus?

Treatment of Myoclonus Caviness JN. Treatment of Myoclonus. Neurotherapeutics. 2014;11(1):188-200. doi:10.1007/s13311-013-0216-3. ...
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What is aminorachia?

"Rachi-" is a prefix associated with the spine, as in Rachischisis. "Amino" is a bit more familiar: it refers to the amino chemical group, or in biomedicine, amino acids. "Aminorachia" seems to be a ...
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Do seizures result from an excess of electrical current or electrical voltage in the brain?

Here's a brief overview of the types and characteristics of seizures: Epileptic Seizure: Is characterized by "torrents" of electrical discharges by groups of neurons. This temporarily blocks any ...
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How to know if a person has seizures?

What are we to say? This is a very delicate issue, and misjudgements from us could lead to severe consequences. Let's assume that the person does in fact suffer from seizures and the SE-Community ...
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Can I take nootropics if I was on seizure medication 5+ years ago?

You would have a history of seizures even if they occured 5 years ago. Histories of disorders go back decades(your lifetime), especially if there is risk of recurrence as in cancer or seizures. ...
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