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Why does the flu only happen in winter?

This is a really interesting question, because it really isn't as easy as people being a bit more susceptible in the winter. There's no definitive answer yet. Influenza Seasonality: Underlying Causes ...
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Pine allergies is it possible?

I had a neighbor (who actually farmed Christmas trees) who was allergic to pine pollen. That's not something that you would get from bringing a tree into the house in December though. You can find ...
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Seasonal allergies home remedies

Nettle-Peppermint Tea: Based on the mechanism of action, it should be noted that plain peppermint or used other ways should help. peppermint contains a type of flavonoid called ...
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Why does the flu only happen in winter?

Well, since you already have a well-written answer, I just wanted to add this as another possible cause: Research done by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) in 2008 ...
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Taking Benadryl after Claritin

Benadryl (aka diphenhydramine) is strongly anticholinergic1. That means it blocks acetylcholine activity in the body's cells. It does this by binding with the cells' acetylcholine receptors, which ...
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