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What contagious diseases can be diagnosed by x-ray test on chest?

A chest X-ray can detect changes in the lungs that occur in certain infections, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, tularemia, aspergillosis, histoplasmosis, plague, etc (American Journal of Rentgenology)...
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What is the distal portion of the ribs?

The part of the ribs that articulates with the thoracic vertebrae (in your spine) is called the proximal end and the part that articulates with the costal-cartilage / sternum (in the centre of your ...
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Difference in Size of male and female ribcage

are their rib cages the same size? No. The female ribcage, in addition to having a smaller volume than the male ribcage, has a proportionally narrower superior half and a proportionally wider ...
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At what age (or what size) is safe to implement the Heimlich maneuver on a child if they are choking?

If someone is truly in need of the Heimlich manoeuvre, that means they are dying and cracked ribs are not a consideration in this case. The same goes for cracked ribs after CPR. However... the ...
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Why do broken ribs not lead to more complications?

Ribs have an important role to play: they protect the internal organs of the chest from injury. They wouldn't be very good at it if something as minor as a break was likely to allow a rib to poke and ...
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