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Are retainers preferred to fiberotomies after dental work and, if so, why?

Retainers prevent the teeth from reverting to their original position, and therefore progressively force the periodontal ligament (PDL) to adapt itself to the new position. Doing a Fiberotomy ...
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Can wearing retainers at night affect sleep quality?

A systematic review of the side effects of retainers said nothing about sleep related side effects, so they probably are not a significant problem. There are a few related studies that look at an ...
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Baking soda + xylitol, as replace for casual flouride toothpaste

First of all: even brushing with nothing – except the dry brush – is better for dental hygiene than doing nothing at all. Before the invention of the tooth brush people were actively caring for their ...
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I've always worn my clear nighttime retainers religiously. Can I get my permanent metal retainers taken out?

The quick answer is no, if you want to avoid crowding of the bottom teeth in the futur. The reason is that the mandible (jaw) is constantly being remodelled, as shown on the picture bellow. Notice ...
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