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Can mechanical keyboards alleviate the pain of RSI (vs. regular keyboards)?

Most searches I conducted for this lead to unreferenced opinion pieces or articles on sites selling mechanical keyboards. However, I found an experimental study conducted in the Philippines in 2022 ...
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Weakness in a finger (pianist)

Go see an orthopedic surgeon; it's not exactly the most classical story but you might have some form of carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases in can be effectively treated with rest, painkillers and ...
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How to reduce repetitive strain injury

I actually did a study on this (pains relation to posture) providing ergonomic assessments and follow ups for office workers. Ideally you'd look something like this: http://www....
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How to reduce repetitive strain injury

When you have a laptop on your thighs and you type, the wrists are bent upwards (forcedly) more than when you have a laptop on the table (higher). Also, arms bent forward and without support can pose ...
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Does Appleā€™s Magic Trackpad put more stress on the hand, wrist and arm than a traditional mouse?

I have only anecdotal evidence; personally, I find the magic trackpad much better for most general purpose computing use and I believe it puts less strain on the whole lower arm structure. There are, ...
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