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Does the tailbone (coccyx) serve a present function? A few people have been born with tail appendages, right?

1. You are right, the coccyx is the remnant of a vestigial tail, but still not entirely useless. According to eMedicine, it is an important attachment for various muscles, tendons and ligaments—which ...
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Do you bleed to death after your penis is cut off?

The problem is there are too many unknowns. First, the speed of clotting varies from person to person. There are lab tests that measure clotting time (e.g. INR), especially useful when a patient ...
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Is it possible to have dental sealants removed permanently?

To remove the sealant, probably the most effective way to protect the teeth from caries, you need to reapply an acid or remove the superficial sealed enamel. In both cases you will loss more healthy ...
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How to remove the yellow stains from my teeth?

There are a few aspects that need to be addressed. 1) Diet & Oral habits: Often, drinks with natural or artificial coloring will stain the surface of the enamel and any tartar (calcified plaque) ...
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How does removal of the testicles affect life expectancy?

To answer this question properly is going to need a prospect double blinded controlled trial. That is not going to happen in a normal world. You can try looking at historical data, like the one ...
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how to get rid of a raised mole in my left thigh which is painful sometimes?

Yes, moles can definitely be cancerous. They can be malignant melanoma, which is a deadly cancer unless treated early. The fact that it is asymmetrical is not a good sign. Do not attempt to treat it ...
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Recommendation for long-lasting (eg 1 week) airproof and waterproof plaster?

Your problem is going to be sweat, waterproof duct tape will prevent sweat evaporating and will cause the tape to un-stick. As the NHS states: There is limited evidence to support the ...
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