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Bitten by a Hobo Spider. How serious? Going to off-hour clinic tomorrow, but should I go to the ER now?

So I didn't die during the night, but the pain did awake me with a jolt at about 5am, and I went to the Urgent Care Clinic promptly at 6am, and it's a good thing because the inflamed site had grown ...
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What is mode of exposure in allergic reaction to new carpet?

TL;DR: All of the above. An allergic reaction can be caused by any form of contact with the allergen. The contact can be physical skin contact, inhalation, ingestion, having it injected -- any contact ...
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How long can an allergic reaction last after exposure to an allergen?

If you want to adjust diet to identify an allergen, there are two approaches. Remove the thing you suspect (in this case, fish) and wait a certain amount of time. (Wikipedia says two weeks to two ...
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Does Dermatitis Herpatiformis have a differential diagnosis?

This is general information about celiac disease and dermatology. For individual diagnosis one must see a physician. A primary care physician is a good option, as they can diagnose celiac disease, ...
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Rashes on back of knees

I have had this behind only one knee since shortly after I had 4x CABG at the age of 48. The doctor said is could be caused from a reaction to the cardiac meds I take. I take 25mg Metoprolol, 25mg, of ...
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