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What are the health benefits and risks of "radon therapy"?

Terminology note: I am going on the assumption that by 'rheumatism' you are referring to rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic destructive inflammatory condition There is not good or sufficient evidence to ...
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Acute symptoms from radon gas exposure

Answer Overview To summarise, even when radon gas accumulates at what we consider high levels, it is still a relatively low amount of ionising radiation compared to other events, partly because of the ...
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Does a radiologist adjust the amount of radiation for each individual?

According to this Harvard Medical article, in order to x-ray an arm or leg the average dose is 0.001mSv with a range reported in literature of 0.0002—0.1mSv. A lumbar spine x-ray would require an ...
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Is short exposure for a not high amount of radioactivity harmful? Has it benefits?

Nobody knows. There are three main models for the effects of low-dose radiation. The mainstream model, and the most conservative of the three, is the linear no-threshold model. It assumes that high-...
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Are headphones with EMF measurement of 10,000 milligauss harmful to me?

No, they aren’t. In the area of biological effects and medical applications of non-ionizing radiation approximately 25,000 articles have been published over the past 30 years. Despite the feeling ...
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is RADIO-SIGNAL Jammer safe for health?

Assuming you're in the U.S. and the jammer is mounted atop your building, you need to do an environmental assessment if your transmit power is over 1000 watts. However, as Carey Gregory mentioned, if ...
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Derive radiation exposure from DICOM files

I would say no, because Sievert is defined as Joule/kg ( I cannot find the patient weight or mass irradiated in the provided data.
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Could hairline fractures be obscured by x-ray images

It is difficult to judge, as we don’t know whether your fracture resulted from an acute direct trauma or whether it is a so called “stress fracture” (due either to an abrupt increase in activity or to ...
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