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If the patient is breathing normally, stop CPR. Image Source: Official Guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council, latest edition: 2015. Section 2, p.88 The part that made me personally most suspicious in the article was that the patient supposedly breathed for 4 minutes without pulse. However, she did not take the crucial step of checking for a ...


I tried it out on my pulse oximeter. I placed it on my thumb where it read 97%. I then held my breath and it gradually dropped down over the course of a minute to 93% before I had to give up. I suggest you check your device on other people in case it's defective.


Absolutely, uniquiviquly, NO you can not assume that if you have normal blood pressure and pulse range that you are otherwise healthy. Periodic physical exams are recommend for all persons, even if they seem otherwise healthy (this provides a good guide to determine frequencies). But there are some clear exceptions to this. AIDS is caused by HIV infection,...


Experience: Working 8 years out of an Air Force ER with primary ambulance response and air transportable hospital duties. What always worked well for me was to use landmarks to find the pulse. Go about 1" proximal to the base of the palm (There may be a crease line there to use as a mark), and to the lateral side of the wrist. There is a tendon there, I ...

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