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Simulate hypoxic training by breath holding/regulation

The approach you describe most likely will not work, and could be detrimental to your training. The main benefit of training at altitude is that the body will adapt to the lower concentration of ...
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What is "recognized clinically"? Is there any special meaning in the word "clinically" here?

"Clinically" in this context means "by doctors in the clinic" in their normal practice. It excludes research contexts, and implies "real-world" circumstances. There is no ...
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Is there a nonchronic disease with similar effects to lungs like those of emphysema?

Yes, damage to the alveolar walls or the reduction in surface area for gaseous exchange can be reversible. Additionally, acute (non-chronic) conditions can cause these circumstances. For example, in ...
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How to reduce apnea/hypoapnea events?

As a patient, Mayo Clinic physicians have indicated to me, as a patient, that weight loss can improve your position (reduce / eliminate apnea+hypoxia events) and reduce the need and possibly eliminate ...
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if diameter of alveoli is reduced to half, resistance becomes?

The resistance is defined as pressure difference per flow (basically just an application of Ohm's law). With Hagen-Poiseulle: So if the alveoli diameter is reduced to half (resulting in a halved ...
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How is nitrogen not exchanged in respiration?

There is no specific mechanism to carry nitrogen in blood, it is carried in a dissolved form unlike oxygen which uses the protein haemoglobin which is contained in red cells. Animals can not utilize ...
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Simulate hypoxic training by breath holding/regulation

Since there is a good answer already I'll just add my two cents from my understanding of physiology: Hypoventilation has two effects during exercise: Less available oxygen in your lungs and a ...
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