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Is prostatitis a STD or Contagious disease?

Prostatitis isn't an STD, or a contagious disease, or even a disease at all. The term "prostatitis" simply refers to inflammation of the prostate gland. The underlying condition causing the ...
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Why can chronic prostatitis not be cured simply with antibiotics?

There are multiple types of prostatitis: Source: Krieger JN, Nyberg, Jr L, Nickel JC. NIH Consensus Definition and Classification of Prostatitis. JAMA. 1999;282(3):236–237. doi:10-1001/pubs.JAMA-ISSN-...
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Is there any cure for congestive prostatitis?

Thank you for the very interesting question regarding the prostate. Let me first briefly explain a few historical confusions regarding the nomenclature of prostatic disorders with particular attention ...
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What are potentially carcinogenic prostatic secretions

A potential way the "carcinogenic substances in prostate sections" hypothesis took off is when Graham Giles began doing interviews with the lay press¹ʼ². Generating the fluid involves ...
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Natural treatment of chronic prostatitis - Does herbal medicines have side affects?‏

Herbal medicines do have side effects The answer to any "does this have side-effects?" question is invariably yes. Some drugs/medications/herbal remedies will have fewer side effects, some will ...
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Is it true that cold climate will make the conditions of prostatitis worse?

This is quite simple. Prostatitis or not, you will naturally urinate more in lower temperature. Frequent urination would ...
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