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Considering obesity using BMI

All models are wrong, but some are useful. The same is true for the body mass index. In general, people with a higher BMI have a higher chance of getting obesity-related illnesses than those with a ...
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Meaning/Abbreviation of IAAD IA & IAADIADOO

These look like they are from CPT codes ("Current Procedural Terminology"; these are billing codes). They probably come with a numeric descriptor; you're looking for a "long descriptor&...
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Why doctor wont put stethoscope stationary at one point?

Probably the doctor isn't using the stethoscope to determine your heart beat rate. Mine seem to use it to listen to my lungs as I breathe, and I've seen them used to listen for valve sounds or other ...
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Considering obesity using BMI

Let's not conflate two different problems with BMI here. One the one hand you can have a low body fat percentage and still have a high BMI, but that only applies to body builders who exercise at a ...
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Considering obesity using BMI

As well as any other measurements it doesn't say much on it's own. You need to use it along with other personal details (and measurements) to get some meaning of it. One of the problems with BMI is ...
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