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How long will it take to show the signs of pregnancy after intercourse

Assuming pregnancy takes place, the only reliable sign that a woman is pregnant is cessation of her menstrual period. If she's late, urine tests are a reliable way to confirm pregnancy, especially if ...
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Maximum time after fertilization, after which pregnancy test no longer works

The tests work until after full-term. The urine and blood tests both rely on detecting the same factor being present, human chorionic gonadotropin. The tests continue to work fully in all cases of ...
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Menstruation and emergency contraceptives

Questions about medications are usually best answered by the manufacturer, or by a site such as drugs.com or rxlist.com. In this case, the manufacturer has this to say: You have to know that ...
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Maximum time for symptoms of pregnancy to show up?

9 months / 40 weeks. Multiple stories have been printed over the years of women who discovered they were pregnant only while delivering a baby. Typically these women are overweight and have irregular ...
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