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How much lead would need to be ingested daily to show symptoms of lead poisoning?

Poisoning from acute exposure will depend on the form of the lead. Elemental lead is poorly absorbed, whereas lead salts are much more likely to cause toxicity, so 0.5g of elemental lead in the form ...
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Acute symptoms from radon gas exposure

Answer Overview To summarise, even when radon gas accumulates at what we consider high levels, it is still a relatively low amount of ionising radiation compared to other events, partly because of the ...
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What are the indications for ethanol?

Fomepizole is indeed the preferred treatment for methanol and ethylene glycol poisoning, but ethanol can be used if fomepizole is not available. Some doctors/ hospitals will treat alcohol withdrawal ...
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Can a person survive alcohol poisoning without medical treatment?

Sorry, not even close to the first to be that intoxicated and survive with no medical attention. Probably about 100 million people before him over the last 10,000 years got even drunker and survived ...
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When leaded gasoline was prevalent why did more people not show acute lead poisoning?

Lead paint was banned because it leads directly to lead poisoning by contact rather than inhalation, which can arguably be considered slower and 'less' of a risk.1 Children often place toys in their ...
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How dangerous is it to microwave melamine?

FDA data suggests there is increased migration of melamine into food at temps above 160'F but seems to take time to accumulate. The ...
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