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Scientific foundation of Mézières method

There doesn't seem to be a lot of scientific foundation for it at the moment but there is a clinical trial on it. There is however, one pilot study paper on the effects of 2 physiotherapy programs on ...
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What is the technical term for this neck straightening/crack?

The most common technical term would probably be "spinal manipulation" in general, and "manipulation of the cervical spine" / "cervical spinal manipulation" to denote the ...
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Scientific foundation of Mézières method

There doesn't appear to be a lot of actual scientific research on the subject, but you can follow a paper trail for a while: The Daily Telegraph (an English newspaper) has an article on the subject, ...
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How precisely can a physiotherapist assess muscles tightness?

As a continence and pelvic pain physiotherapist pelvic floor muscle tightness is actually an assessment of increased tone or muscle overactivity. Palpation is digital and sides are compared as are ...
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Keeping balance with one eye covered

Trying to combine physiotherapy with patching sounds like a parenting nightmare. As the AAO says: Persuading your child to wear a patch can be a challenge, especially if the vision in the child’s ...
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