According to the NHS, it is safe to fly with a perforated eardrum. They say that it may even cause less discomfort because air can pass more easily through the hole that has formed in your eardrum. You did mention that the hole has appeared to have scabbed over, but that still shouldn't put you at a risk of furthering the damage to your ear. It might cause a ...


I'm afraid the answer is no, you can't know in advance if the condom is going to break. As far as I can tell, and from my own personal experience, most condom failures are not due to the condom itself being bad, but from misusing it, e.g. putting it in a wrong angle (so it slides off during the act), using too much force during the act, thus tearing the ...


I had an uncle that could do this trick, and it always amazed me. Perhaps it's obvious, but I should mention that they always use a sword with a dull blade.

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