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Does peak bone density have any other role in preventing osteoporosis?

Peak bone mass is the maximum amount of bone a person has during their life. It typically occurs in the early 20s in females and late 20s in males. Peak bone mass is typically lower in females than ...
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Is a drug holiday off bisphosphonate therapy a valid strategy in the management of osteoporosis?

Bisphosphonate drug holidays should be considered if the person has taken the drug for an extended period of time and have a reservoir built up in their bone. Secondary therapy should be considered ...
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Effect of acidic fruits on bone calcium

Arguments that suggest that there exists a rather trivial vulnerability in the human body that would be relevant even if you stick to a healthy lifestyle, should a priori be considered to be unlikely. ...
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What type of exercises should a person do if he/she is suffering from osteoporosis?

Source Osteoporosis exercises are encouraged for a number of reasons. First and foremost exercise is good in a general sense, but building muscle strength can be really beneficial to people who may ...
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