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Do kidney donors eventually undergo glomerular hypertrophy in their kidneys?

This might be a bit delayed but this 2016 study on 29 kidney donors might be worth a read: "In healthy kidney donors, compensatory hypertrophy of the remaining kidney occurs in 79.3% of the ...
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Can tacrolimus creme cause tacrolimus toxicity?

Yes, it is possible for topical Tacrolimus to cause systemic toxicity, in certain situations. Evidence from a case series This paper is a case report of two patients who were prescribed topical ...
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Why can’t we just transplant donor organs into pigs to preserve them?

What do you think the immune systems of the recipient animals are doing to the human donor tissue/organ? And if you immunosuppress those recipient animals, then you need to consider the effects of ...
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What’s keeping us from growing organs from stem cells?

Whilst the Science Museum of London points out that we seem to be close to developing complete human organs, there appears to be a few more years before we are able to grow the first complete usable ...
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Could a living donor donate their liver multiple times in their lifetime?

Liver donation - an act of great honor - should only be done once. Liver regeneration occurs via compensatory hyperplasia. Regeneration of the liver can be more correctly defined as compensatory ...
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Is there a point of being an Organ Donor if my blood type is AB Negative?

According to the standard blood compatibility chart: (image from Owlcation: The Basics of Blood and Blood Typing - Wikipedia file) AB blood types can only donate to other AB blood types, but AB ...
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