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Does an organ of a male donor work on a female patient?

The Chromosomes are not the main Factor in this. The immune system (and antibodies) is, this is a bit different. For example females have a higher HLA antigens and therefore rely on more ...
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Does an organ of a male donor work on a female patient?

@NilsPawlik has addressed the issue of a donor/recipient gender mismatch (it's not the most important factor, but it is something to consider). I thought I'd clarify the point about donor/recipient ...
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What’s keeping us from growing organs from stem cells?

Whilst the Science Museum of London points out that we seem to be close to developing complete human organs, there appears to be a few more years before we are able to grow the first complete usable ...
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Could a living donor donate their liver multiple times in their lifetime?

Liver donation - an act of great honor - should only be done once. Liver regeneration occurs via compensatory hyperplasia. Regeneration of the liver can be more correctly defined as compensatory ...
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Will donating bone marrow weaken a person's health?

Not really, not in any long term way. The purpose of bone marrow is (Most often) to provide clean slates (The scientific term being "stem cells") for the production of platelets (Helps with blood ...
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How many calories does it burn to regrow a liver?

To get the answers started, though admittedly with a very rough estimation, I'll add my own idea of a lower bound of calories burned to regrow an entire liver. Because basic laws of thermodynamics ...
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Can I donate a kidney later and recieve one now?

"for someone else, of course" Of course not. You haven't read or understood the rules. The point is that you donate a kidney and then the intended recipient gets a voucher to redeem your kidney in ...
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