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Do kidney donors eventually undergo glomerular hypertrophy in their kidneys?

This might be a bit delayed but this 2016 study on 29 kidney donors might be worth a read: "In healthy kidney donors, compensatory hypertrophy of the remaining kidney occurs in 79.3% of the ...
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Can sleeping too much damage the brain and heart?

Although this question is hard to research - you're dependent on self-reported data on sleeping hours, and there are many confounders that influence this relation (why do people sleep longer? maybe ...
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What is the minimum energy needed to stay alive?

Resting energy The number you are looking for is basically the energy the body needs in a resting state. When resting, we assume that no energy is used for any actions but vital ones, as the body is ...
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Can the liver not recover from cirrhosis caused by alcohol related damage?

At present time, hepatic cirrhosis is still an irreversible end stage chronic disease (Johnson and Sherding, 2006). In a nutshell its featured by successive cycles of injury/repair and inflammation ...
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Could a living donor donate their liver multiple times in their lifetime?

Liver donation - an act of great honor - should only be done once. Liver regeneration occurs via compensatory hyperplasia. Regeneration of the liver can be more correctly defined as compensatory ...
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What is the minimum energy needed to stay alive?

It sounds like what you are looking for is the basal metabolic rate, which is the rate that you expend energy at rest, which roughly translates to the minimum rate that you need to consume energy in ...
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Can a young person with hemochromatosis have normal iron levels?

If the person is a HFE homozygote, or a compound heterozygote, then they need to be monitored yearly for signs of iron overload. Iron overload occurs more quickly if there is concurrent alcohol use ...
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