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What is the risk of HIV infection via insertive fellatio?

One problem with this approach of seeking knowledge is the theoretical nature of the question itself: Unprotected fellatio, which has been practiced by all civilizations since mists of time, is now ...
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Can you get a yeast infection in your mouth from oral sex?

The yeast (fungus) that causes thrush or yeast infection in both men and women are of the genus Candida. These fungi can be found as normal flora on skin however outgrowth results in yeast infection. ...
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Wearing condom during fellatio,

You can get Genital Herpes from someone licking your scrotum and there is no protection from Genital Herpes with condoms anyway as they don't cover the scrotum. With oral sex, the risk is only there ...
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I've unprotected acceptive oral sex with 3 partners, two of which were from escort service. What are my chances to get some desease(s)?

I would encourage you to get seen by a healthcare professional for testing/advice. This could be from your family doctor or at a walk-in clinic. There might also be a sexual health center near you ...
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What is the risk of HIV infection via insertive fellatio?

I would just like to add to @LangLangC's answer that the rarity of transmission of HIV from insertive fellatio can be due to the presence of inhibitory substances in saliva and also due it's ...
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Intimate sexual activity as a possible mechanism for transferring COVID-19

The best data we have from Guangdong, China, is that household transmission is not 100% preliminary studies ongoing in Guangdong estimate the secondary attack rate in households ranges from 3-10%. ...
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