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Verify Credentials for Nurse Practitioner

Each state should have their own licensing board, that may or may not have a search function to verify a licensure. As an experiment, I went to the Texas website and entered the name of a nurse ...
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Meaning/Abbreviation of IAAD IA & IAADIADOO

These look like they are from CPT codes ("Current Procedural Terminology"; these are billing codes). They probably come with a numeric descriptor; you're looking for a "long descriptor&...
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Effect of Blood donation needles on skin

Larger needles aren't used to draw blood faster in general. They are used to avoid hemolysis. 16-18 gauge needles: A large needle (16 to 17 gauge) is used to minimize shearing forces that may ...
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Warning Symbol on Nippy Junior+

I finally found the symbol on page 5 of the quick reference guide (http://nippyventilator.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/NIPPY-Junior-Quick-Reference-Guide.pdf) for the ventilator. It is just an ...
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