Each state should have their own licensing board, that may or may not have a search function to verify a licensure. As an experiment, I went to the Texas website and entered the name of a nurse practitioner that I gathered off of the internet, and it came back with a verification of their initial licensure, how long it was good for, and the recognized level ...


I finally found the symbol on page 5 of the quick reference guide (http://nippyventilator.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/NIPPY-Junior-Quick-Reference-Guide.pdf) for the ventilator. It is just an indicator that the disconnect alarm has been set to low sensitivity.


Larger needles aren't used to draw blood faster in general. They are used to avoid hemolysis. 16-18 gauge needles: A large needle (16 to 17 gauge) is used to minimize shearing forces that may physically damage red blood cells as they flow through the needle What maybe used to speed up the process is: Sqeezing your fists Tourniquets or blood ...

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