There are 4 sinuses : frontalis, ethmoid, maxillary, and sphenoid sinus. Frontal sinus, it excrete mucus into the meatus medius via a small opening called hiatus semilunaris anterior . Anterior and middle sinus of ethmoid also excrete mucus to meatus medius. The sphenoid sinus drainage to sphenoid recess. The two sinus drainage to meatus medius, but below ...


It sounds like as you say air is being forced under pressure into one of the paranasal sinuses and being trapped by a one way valve similar to pneumosinus dilatans. But in your case the valve breaks down and lets the air release. Perhaps you shouldn't blow so hard, or try blowing one nostril at a time so that the pressure isn't so great.


In my experience keeping your nose blown (or even rinsed out) prevents a secondary infection in your throat. Whatever you don't blow out of your nose dribbles down the back of your throat and bacteria get happy there and give you a sore throat. This is technically a different second infection but most people will treat it as a single long cold that "moved ...

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