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Why are there no long-term humans trials of Noopept?

I don't see any trials of the drug in the ClinicalTrials.gov database; it seems there is almost no study of this drug clinically besides a couple studies in Russia, let alone long-term human trials. I'...
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Foods that inhibit BACE1 protein

An extension trial A Study of Lanabecestat (LY3314814) in Early Alzheimer's Disease Dementia is currently in progress but is not expected to complete until 9/2020. Other investigational drugs have ...
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Can I take nootropics if I was on seizure medication 5+ years ago?

You would have a history of seizures even if they occured 5 years ago. Histories of disorders go back decades(your lifetime), especially if there is risk of recurrence as in cancer or seizures. ...
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