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Is crunching sound in the neck normal?

You're asking about so called articular release. It is considered a normal condition. From "Joint cracking and popping: understanding noises that accompany articular release." (2002): The sound, ...
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Should a chiropractor be called if my neck is (moderately) out of alignment?

Under no circumstances should you ever allow chiropractic manipulation of the neck unless you're interested causing a stroke or paralysis. There is an artery that exits between two cervical vertebrae. ...
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How to identify Axis and Atlas of cervical spine

The atlas can be felt. It's the first protuberance you feel at the top of the spine. The axis is the second one.
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What is the technical term for this neck straightening/crack?

The most common technical term would probably be "spinal manipulation" in general, and "manipulation of the cervical spine" / "cervical spinal manipulation" to denote the ...
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Is there any infection that targets/found in specifically the nape of the neck?

No, there is no infection "found or originating primarily or solely in the nape". Any skin infection (eg. Staphyloccus, Streptococcus) can affect the nape of the neck. Hope this helps.
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Using X-ray to diagnose unilateral chronic neck and/or shoulder pain from decades of computer work

Yes, many physicians will be very prone to use X-ray or MRI to diagnose one-sided shoulder pain in an otherwise healthy person, but not necessary as the first thing. There is a variety of physical ...
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Chronic hiccups

To get a proper diagnosis and see if you really suffer from chronic hiccups, you have to see a doctor. Chronic hiccups can be a symptom of another disorder, so sometimes treatment is based on ...
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Is crunching sound in the neck normal?

Its called Articular release! Articular release is a physiologic event that may or may not be audible. It is seen in patients with healthy joints as well as those with somatic dysfunction. After an ...
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