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How to know if ( or when) I fall asleep?

"How to know if (or when) I fall asleep, and not merely just lying there doing nothing?" Sleep Retrograde Amnesia: Retrograde amnesia refers to the loss of memory for things preceding a certain ...
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How to know if ( or when) I fall asleep?

Modern smartphone apps offer this information. A smartphone has a gyroscope built in, and when you lay it on the mattress close to your body, it picks up tiny movements. As you fall asleep, your ...
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Are afternoon naps healthy?

There is a reason you get tired after eating - It's due to a portion of your blood in your body moving to your gut and bowel, leaving less for the rest of your body (brain, muscles etc) and slowing ...
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Does sleeping in daytime actually kill?

From this article: Scientists from the University of Tokyo are unsure whether it is the napping itself or an underlying condition which makes people more sleepy, that is driving the effect. After ...
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