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Are betadine mouthwashes really effective against COVID-19?

Are betadine mouthwashes really effective against COVID-19? In vitro (test tubes/culture plates) studies do show that providone iodine does kill viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 after sufficient ...
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Does mouthwash provide any benefits?

Apparently, yes fluoridated mouthwash seems beneficial against carries, at least in children. ADA says: Fluoride ions, which promote remineralization, may be provided by certain mouthwashes. A ...
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Does longer oil pulling than recommended 20 minutes bring any benefits?

The study you linked in the comments (Amith et al., 2007) stated that there were 10 subjects and the subjects were to Swish approximately 8-10 minutes or till you feel a fullness in your mouth. The ...
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Hazards of mouthwash?

The statement quoted is actually contained under the heading: 4.2: Is this really true? Surely people would investigate the safety, ethics, and efficacy of the products they buy.So this statement is ...
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Is there by any way to 'remotely' brush teeth

The short answer is NO The long answer is: If time is of concern, ask your oral health professional whether an electric toothbrush can improve your cleaning enough so that 2 minutes of brushing are ...
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Does longer oil pulling than recommended 20 minutes bring any benefits?

Is oil pulling beneficial for oral health? It may not be possible to make convincing conclusions from three small studies (linked in the question) about the benefits of oil pulling on oral health, ...
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Does gargling Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine help combat cold/flu?

If you feel a cold "coming on" then your body (immune system) is already fighting it. I was unable to find studies on gargling to prevent respiratory illness. However the AAFP released guidelines ...
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Does gargling Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine help combat cold/flu?

I don't think gargling could prevent sickness. Flu and cold are caused by viruses and they usually enter from the nostril. That is one of the reason why facial mask cover the nose as well. Regular ...
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How frequently should non-alcoholic mouthwashes be used?

You don't need at all to use any mouthwash. A healthy mouth is full of bacteria, almost all of them beneficial for our health, and There is no evidence so far of any long term preventive effect of ...
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How do whitening mouthwashes work?

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing bleach. It reacts chemically with the types of molecules that contribute to color. So, it doesn't really remove stains, nor does it coat anything, but it does make ...
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Should you use mouthwash after sugary food

There are studies, e.g. The effect of chlorhexidine on dental calculus formation: an in vitro study, that have shown that using these mouthwashes increased the calculus formation (petrification of ...
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Why aren't fluoride mouthwashes with cetylpyridinium chloride labeled as both anticavity and antibacterial?

In business school (MBA) we were taught to consumer test all permutations of a possible "pitch." We would come up with permutations of the same label with different words and phrases on each. Then we ...
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