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Can a mosquito bite transmit STD's?

Yes, it is true that Zika can be transmitted sexually (from the CDC). However, Zika is generally classified as a mosquito-borne disease, not an STD, as mosquitoes are by far the most common vector of ...
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What is the solution for Chikungunya?

Since 'the cure' or rather a vaccine against the virus is still only on the horizon, affected populations have to resort to prevention measures and supportive care, once the infection breaks out. Even ...
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What is the solution for Chikungunya?

The only effective management of viruses is by vaccination. In this way diseases such as measles have been eradicated from some countries. Currently there is no vaccine available so ecological ...
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Mosquito repellent using vaporized camphor - Health Issues

First of all, please refer to this study from Oxford University on use of Camphor, Eucalyptus, and other terpenic balms and compounds on children. Please be aware of their safety if they are in the ...
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Other than complications related to pregnancy, does zika pose any adult health risks?

For adults, Zika virus is like flu. Apart from fever and maybe nausea, you shouldn't have to worry. Edit: since it seems sources are of bad need, here is one confirmation from a very recent study (...
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