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Need help interpreting histology results (punch skin biopsy)

How do I interpret a histology / pathology result? As mentioned in comments, Health.SE isn't a place for personal medical advice, so I'll steer clear of addressing your result specifically. That ...
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how to get rid of a raised mole in my left thigh which is painful sometimes?

Yes, moles can definitely be cancerous. They can be malignant melanoma, which is a deadly cancer unless treated early. The fact that it is asymmetrical is not a good sign. Do not attempt to treat it ...
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Why is it or isn't it smart for a healthy individual to perform auto-surgery in removing suspicious skin spots?

The Mayo Clinic published a slideshow aimed at helping people identify possible melanomas. Take a look at it. Do you think you'd be able to successfully differentiate between a melanoma and a benign "...
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