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Prepare tea directly in water boiler - dangerous?

Although the initial question seems crazy enough from the start, the preamble to this answer has to make it clear that you should not use a water boiler with tea – or anything else but water – in it. ...
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Can mold in a building cause fatigue?

Yes, it's certainly possible that there is mold or other agents in the building that can be either causing or contributing to allergy and fatigue symptoms. Here is a writeup on what is called sick ...
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Illnesses from indoor Mold growth: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

"Chronic inflammatory response syndrome" (CIRS) is a new term for what was (and still is) known as sick building syndrome or building-related illness. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis seems to be a ...
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Can I take moldy melatonin pills?

Not only are they moldy, it looks like they've also been damaged by moisture. See how the surface is rippled in spots? That's what water does to pills. Bathrooms are the worst place to store ...
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Healthy practices: Bad smell in water bottle

I agree with the answers on cleaning and the type of bottle/cork/lid. Another thing you should consider is that residue from your saliva may be what smells bad. Try leaving the freshly-cleaned ...
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Healthy practices: Bad smell in water bottle

Plastic bottles work just fine. When buying sparkling water (I'm German), they come in plastic bottles and never get this taste of old shoe soles, and I haven't had any problems with bacteria either. ...
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