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Why does metastatic bone cancer present as back pain that is "worse at night"?

Not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, but back pain that is worse at night due to metastatic cancer to the spine is caused by tumor compressing spinal cord when lying on your back. Anything ...
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Can tumor size (T) and presence of cancer in the lymph nodes (N) in patients with lung cancer be identified on the first visit?

It is not likely that at the first visit, a doctor will even know if there is a cancer or not. One likely scenario is: During the first visit, a doctor (a primary doctor or lung specialist) usually ...
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Need some clarification on benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

It is very important that you and your dad see his doctor for an explanation of these results ASAP. Reading CT results out of clinical context can lead to misunderstandings. The doctor can analyze ...
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What are survival rates of male patients in stage IV throat cancer that has metastasised to the lower pallet?

There is a large difference in survival depending on whether the cancer was caused by HPV or ( probably) tobacco/alcohol. The HPV cancers have significantly higher survival rates. I am surprised the ...
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