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What percentage of fillings performed today are done with mercury amalgam?

Some recent estimated numbers recently were: 45% of all dental restorations world wide (Heintze 2012), 50% of all American fillings But Many developed nations have virtually eliminated dental amalgam....
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hip replacement - above titanium?

Artificial hips made out of an element on level above titanium. The trouble I'm having here: Literally the only four metals/metalloids a period above titanium are beryllium, magnesium, aluminium and ...
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Are aluminum kettles dangerous?

We don't know how risky aluminum is. (Source.) In Germany, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) wondered about kettles too. They wrote an article named "FAQs about aluminium in food and ...
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Best way to heavy metal detox

Unless you live on an area known for having deposits of heavy metals, or you suspect that you have been exposed (in which case you should go see a doctor), your kidneys should be able to take care of ...
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hip replacement - above titanium?

I'd venture to guess that when your doctor referred to "above" titanium, he meant towards elements with greater atomic number. If so, my guess is that he/she was referring to zirconium. Zirconium ...
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