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What factors influence the memorization in a young adult?

Memory is a complex cognitive function which relies on several neuronal pathways. Without wanting to go into too much details, the process of memorization is dependent on three different steps: ...
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What effect does long-term caffeine use have on memory?

There are actually quite a lot of studies pointing in all directions when it comes to memory and caffeine use. I wouldn't call it a closed case by any standard, although many sites hawk caffeine as a ...
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Does exercise increase memory?

Yes, with a caveat. There are many studies showing beneficial effects of aerobic exercise on cognition, including memory and response tasks. This also includes preventing decline in older adults by ...
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Which chemicals or drugs cause retrograde amnesia?

First, let's define retrograde amnesia carefully. You'll find many sources listing drugs that cause retrograde amnesia but they're using the term incorrectly. From
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Why can't I remember things?

It seems that you do have some issues remembering verbal instructions, especially if you are under duress of some form. I have this issue as well, but I will not include my personal experience here, ...
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Lack of eating for improving memory

To answer your question, we will look at the physiological process of Starvation, conversion of food as energy and how the human body uses that energy. Conversion of food/Digestion Digestion of food ...
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How to improve your short term memory?

In short, to improve your ability to remember what you did yesterday or today just start by making a conscious effort to recall it on a daily basis. A simple example would to take some notes about ...
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Does photographic (eidetic) memory exist or is it a medical myth?

Yes, both eidetic memory and hyperthemsia exist. And photographic memory has never been proven to exist. But they aren't what pop culture advertises them as. Hyperthemsia first. It is the ability of ...
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Is there a neurological or scientific explanation for déjà vu?

Déjà vu is a French term that literally means "already seen" and is reported to occur in 60-70% of people, most commonly between the ages of 15 and 25. The fact that déjà vu occurs so randomly and ...
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Postconcussion symptoms: how long? Are they reversible? Treatment options?

Postconcussion syndrome is common following a traumatic brain injury (independent on the severity of the TBI). According to some studies, 30%-80% of patients with mild to moderate brain injury will ...
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How to improve memorizing ability?

Train your Brain. its not the supplement in the market which will boost your memory application, althgough you can take Omega supplements which is good for brain stuff and heart.
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