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Is it true that freckles have zero potential for malignant transformation?

I don't think there is much medical science here, just interpretation of language and writing. "Freckles have zero potential for malignant transformation" is not a statement of scientific ...
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Need help interpreting histology results (punch skin biopsy)

How do I interpret a histology / pathology result? As mentioned in comments, Health.SE isn't a place for personal medical advice, so I'll steer clear of addressing your result specifically. That ...
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Possibilities after stage IV melanoma diagnosis

If you're searching for treatments that are not currently main stream, you need to look on https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=melanoma+and+spain&Search=Search to see if there's a trial in ...
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how to get rid of a raised mole in my left thigh which is painful sometimes?

Yes, moles can definitely be cancerous. They can be malignant melanoma, which is a deadly cancer unless treated early. The fact that it is asymmetrical is not a good sign. Do not attempt to treat it ...
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What does current research show regarding the use of sunscreen in deeper skin tones?

Has any research been done that specifically reviews the effects of sun exposure in people with deeper skin tones...and how effective deeper skin tones are in protecting against UVB/UVA A brief ...
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Why is it or isn't it smart for a healthy individual to perform auto-surgery in removing suspicious skin spots?

The Mayo Clinic published a slideshow aimed at helping people identify possible melanomas. Take a look at it. Do you think you'd be able to successfully differentiate between a melanoma and a benign "...
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