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Yes absolutely. There was a hemorrhoid treatment made of activated charcoal called Freedhem that was applied rectally. It is no longer available on the market. Also, for prostatitis, Dr. Thrash, former medical examiner of the state of Georgia, used an activated charcoal enema with success.


Yes, activated Charcoal (AC) can be given rectally. Although this is a veterinary journal, I doubt the principles are different and according to this article it's given in a liquid slurry, much like oral administration: Enemas also have been used to decrease the colonic bacterial numbers and substrates. The following types of enemas have been recommended: • ...


First of all, if you found papers that suggest certain unexplored side effects, it means the research is underway and it can very well be that in the next years we get new information about how drugs work. Now to the actual question. From the pharmacokinetic point of view, PPIs only affect proton pumps of the stomach. The solution behind this is very simple: ...


"Proton pump" is a broad category of proteins rather than a specific pump. The drugs called "proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)" to reduce stomach acid target a specific proton pump, the hydrogen/potassium ATPase. Of course, it is possible for drugs to have off-target effects at other proteins, especially similar ones. It is also possible for ...

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