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Why doctors have different opinions and diagnosis for the same patient?

People are more complicated than machines. First, imagine a condition like "high blood pressure" or "underactive thyroid." It's not just a case of measuring one number about you and comparing it to ...
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What is the best method to get a non-student clinical rotation in the US?

I think externships may be helpful for your situation: Externships: International Medical graduates looking to fulfill the “United States Clinical Experience” (USCE) requirements as necessitated ...
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Existence of injection administering certification?

Yes there is. In the USA, the certification is called a Medical Assistant. It is a certification that is unlicensed, thus they must work under supervision of a licensed provider (who CAN inject ...
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Why is it or isn't it smart for a healthy individual to perform auto-surgery in removing suspicious skin spots?

The Mayo Clinic published a slideshow aimed at helping people identify possible melanomas. Take a look at it. Do you think you'd be able to successfully differentiate between a melanoma and a benign "...
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